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A New Breed of PR Firm

The rules of customer engagement have changed. So too have the channels. 

Whether your business is established, or just starting to make waves - strategic, channel- and content-driven communications is key.

What drives communications success? Connecting with your audience. Knowing who you are (and who you aren't). Understanding where you stack up against the rest. Telling your story in the right way via the right channels.  

Today, content is king, as is being authentic. While positioning and branding are equally essential.

Blue Whale Public Relations delivers Fortune 50-level communications expertise with precision and creativity. The results are bold and bottom-line driven.




Brand-Building and Story-Telling Based on Creative, Channel-Directed Content that Sets You Apart from the Rest.

We may not grunt, click and sing like blue whales do, but we go about our communications campaigns just as artfully. Our services include:     

  • Branding, Positioning, Messaging
  • Public Relations / Media Relations
  • Content Creation - News/PR, Web, Social, Video, Blogs, Collateral, etc.
  • Digital Marketing
  • Partnership Procurement
  • Media and Influencer Engagement
  • Special Events / Activations
  • Corporate / Creative Writing
  • Crisis Communications and Issues Management
  • Executive Thought Leaership, Speaking Platforms and Media Training
  • Strategic Counsel / Program Development
  • .....just tell us what you need     

Our experience spans work for leading brands, start-ups, and entities in the following industries:     

  • Consumer / Lifestyle 
  • Financial Services 
  • Tourism & Hospitality 
  • Healthcare / Wellness 
  • Retail / Fashion / Beauty 
  • Food & Beverage 
  • Sports & Entertainment 
  • Education  
  • Cause Related Marketing


We Think Big, and We Deliver Even Bigger

There are whales…and then there are blue whales - the largest animal on record in the world, moving at a speed faster than any other within its species.  

But what makes blue whales truly special is their sophisticated communications system that relies on a mix of sounds used to transmit messages across hundreds of miles of ocean, reaching their target with impact and precision. 

That's us - give us a communications goal and we'll meet it square on. What's more, we work best when joined at the hip with your team. And did we mention how much we love exceeding expectations?

When it comes to communications, blue whales mean business.     

Meet The Team


Seasoned Pros, Strategists and Content Creators.

PR consulting at its best. Our backgrounds range from leading award-winning public relations campaigns for Fortune 50 companies, to established media relations pros, to highly-skilled social media, web and digital innovators, and broadcast producers and directors. Together, we’ve formed a communications “dream team” that brings an unmatched breadth of experience and talent to deliver the brand-building content, reach, and impact your business demands. 



CEO and President - Someone's got to mind the store, and with a career that spans 30+ years of corporate management, business development, sales, and marketing in the financial services arena, Ben brings that know-how to Blue Whale. As a top trainer and sales generator for some of the leading brands in insurance and financial services, Ben was hand-picked to turn-around under-performing offices. His greatest asset lies in his ability to motivate, and inspire others to succeed; together with his tenacity and ability to dissect an issue in order to achieve the end-goal.  



Executive Vice President and Account Director - With more than 25+ years in the public relations business, Rosalie is a veteran professional having worked for dozens of clients ranging from Fortune-50 Blue Chip corporations to start-ups recognized for creating and advancing new industry categories. Her entire career has been spent in the fast-paced agency side of the PR business, working for leading independent firms M. Silver Associates, and most recently, Finn Partners. Her contacts and relationships run long and deep, delivering added value to clients and their programs. Whether its how to break into The Wall Street Journal, deftly manage a crisis, or bring a new product to market, Rosalie combines her years of experience with a keen understanding of the media climate and the industry environment in order to create sound and successful strategies. Representing clients in the hospitality, food and beverage, financial services, consumer products, education, health/wellness, beauty/fashion, and cause related industries, Rosalie's favorite role is serving as her client's 24/7 go-to source  for on-the-spot counsel and brainstorming.

Meet the Team



Creative Strategist, Media Relations Pro and Writer - Zlata has more than 10 years of integrated marketing and public relations experience in the areas of consumer packaged goods, travel and hospitality, food and beverage, consumer technology, and health/beauty. Her proven track record includes leading the development and execution of creative and strategic campaigns and communications initiatives that earn awareness, strengthen brand equity, and impact business objectives. As a contributing lifestyle writer for a variety of national publications including Conde Nast Traveler, SELF, and Cosmopolitan, Zlata has her pulse squarely on today's trends and what captures media and consumer attention. Her personal motto - always lead with IDEAS!



Public Relations and Social Media Coordinator - Catherine brings a fresh perspective to Blue Whale PR and how to communicate with today's influencers, bloggers and the next-gen consumer set. Her enthusiasm and first-hand experiences in areas ranging from sports and fitness, to music and entertainment - provide a variety of lifestyle insights to Blue Whale's client programs, together with her hard work ethic and easy-going personality. Catherine is a senior at the University of Florida, pursuing a degree in Public Relations and Marketing. A world traveler, Catherine is "always up for a new adventure" and looks forward to where this new opportunity and experience will take her!  



Video Content Creator and Producer - A veteran of broadcast television journalism with over 15 years of experience working for NBC News, Paul's accomplishments range from covering the Olympics in both Vancouver and Sochi, traveling with Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail in 2008 and also spending several years in Israel for NBC News. It was his work during September 11th, 2001 that garnered him an Emmy nomination. He is also the chief videographer for Zero Gravity corporation, a company that operates weightless flights from US airports. 




Video Content Creator and Producer - John began producing television content early in his career, working on programming for FOX. He quickly decided that creating content was his passion and worked to cultivate innovative ideas for television.  Realizing that creating content was his true love, John formed InfraRed Creative and developed the television series Travel Thru History - nominated for a Daytime Emmy in its first season. In 2014 John received his first Daytime Emmy for his work with the Walt Disney Company and in that same year he helped co-found the Watch and Learn foundation. 



We are consistently working to expand our team of professionals, and will be announcing new additions to the pod soon!



Interested in joining Blue Whale Public Relations? Please send us your resume at Blue Whale Public Relations, 13144 Park Boulevard, Suite D, Seminole, Florida 33772.



It's Nice to be Recognized...

Beyond the long-standing relationships we've enjoyed with so many of our clients which is most rewarding, we've also been fortunate to have so much of our career work acknowledged by the industry and our peers.

Here are some of the awards we've received in recognition for our work. 

Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI) Adrian Award - Silver - 2003

Bulldog Reporter Award for Excellence in Media Relations and Publicity - Gold - 2004

HSMAI Adrian Award - Gold - 2005 (two golds awarded for separate campaigns)

HSMAI Adrian Award - Silver - 2005

HSMAI Adrian Award - Bronze - 2005

HSMAI Adrian Award - Gold - 2007

HSMAI Adrian Award - Bronze - 2007 (two bronze awards received for separate campaigns)

Bulldog Reporter Award for Excellence in Media Relations and Publicity - Gold - 2008

HSMAI Adrian Award - Silver - 2009

HSMAI Adrian Award - Gold - 2010

HSMAI Adrian Award - Gold - 2015

Kimpton Hotels PR Supertar - 2015

Note: the above represents awards earned over the years for work performed by a variety of talented teams led and directed by Rosalie Hagel.


Great Clients + Well Planned and Executed Programs + Nimble, Service-Drive Team Able to Identify, Seize and Create Opportunities = PR SUCCESS!!

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